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How water works with us

Anne is a water priestess...water is one of her deepest sources of inspiration, a passion that transcends the personal. 

Read more about her journey at www.annekoller.com

Suzanne was, well, baptized by Anne in the waters of the Bay one sunset. She had felt 

guided to learn more about water after years of nature-based study and dance practice.

Before she met Anne, she had felt called to listen to the messages of the earth, often addressing the Land, "how would you like me to serve you?" In response, her life became filled with serendipity and purpose that she couldn't have imagined, leading her to lead dances inspired by nature, but also experience spontaneous healings and connections that she feels emerged from this kind of listening. Meeting Anne was one of those meetings that brought such vitality and excitement around through Anne's passion around alchemizing grief, harmonizing emotion and trusting elemental guidance. Today her passion is to continue resonate with water's mysterious powers through dance, song, prayer and community. 

  • Water is emotion. 

  • Holding water and saying a positive affirmation will facilitate "healing in your body," from something as subtle as improving cellular respiration to facilitating movement.

  • Looking at a large body of water, like the ocean, reduces cortisol drastically in the body.


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