Women at the well:
Honoring OUr SacRED WATERS 

Join us for an extraordinary 5 day, 4 night,

dive into the waters of Yelapa, Mexico. You will be guided through a journey of dance, yoga, meditation and ritual to tap into the well-spring of feminine power. This retreat is designed to rejuvenate the body, build sacred reciprocity with the earth to nourish intuition and experience the vitality of our connection  to women. 


* CATALYTIC SISTERHOOD: Come together with like-minded women where you will be met as yourself and melt into a supportive community that aims to catalyze you and the group as powerful women healers.

* EMBODIMENT PRACTICES:  Dance, Kundalini Yoga, Vocal Attunement, and Meditation ground us into our bodies allowing us to become more receptive, intuitive and alive.

* SACRED RECIPROCITY: Engage with the nature with practices to enter a new paradigm of collaboration. We will visit local waterfalls and dive into the beautiful ocean bay. We will eat local, seasonal foods to nourish our bodies and have an opportunity to do a water fast to go deeper into our bodies and the voice of water.

* WATER WORK: Join us in the water to magnify and clarify the healing power of your own body. You will release old patterns and step into the world with a renewed sense of hope and belonging.

* EMOTIONAL RESILIENCE: Using tools from the potent “Free to Feel” method and workshops we will utilize the power of emotions to align us with our pleasure and purpose and create art from our inner fuel.



You feel the call of creation within you.  You are on the precipice of birthing your greatest masterpiece.  You feel more connected every time you are near water and/or nature.  You know that something big is coming and you need support birthing it.

It is time sister.  Time for women healers and leaders to come together and listen and learn from each other's wisdom and the wisdom of water to join together as the feminine to rebirth the earth.



We wanted to make this retreat was accessible and fair financially. The price includes meals, accommodation and all programming. There are 3 pricing options:

- Water Steward price of $1275 for a private room


- Water Sister  $1100 for a shared a room with a fellow water sister

- Water Patreon is $1595 (includes a private room, private watsu session and massage session)


We invite you to come to Yelapa: meaning where "two rivers meet the ocean." In this small beach town, a short ferry ride from Puerto Vallarta, we step away from the world as we know it and enter a paradise of warm pools, hidden waterfalls, ocean and restorative waves. Each day, Friday evening through Tuesday morning, will be dedicated to different elements to help us attune and access the hidden wisdom of nature. At Casa Isabel, artisanal rooms overlook the bay,  as warm breezes, embrace the corners of this hilltop retreat. This retreat is a continues a lineage in Yelapa of hosting female creativity to add  fuel to our soul-guided missions.

Sisters of the water and earth we are being called to come together
To attune to what is being asked of us, "rebirth the earth"

To listen to the wisdom of water and land

To hear our inner knowing

To prepare our sisterhood of healers

To sing and dance and feel and express our unique art


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Feel free to reach out to us about our H2Flow retreat April 12-16.

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We are Bay Area based and internationally connected. We want to come dance with you!