H2Flow goes to Mexico

Women at the well Retreat

What we do

We craft opportunities to attune to water, as a reflection of our personal practice and wider vision of clean water for all people. 

Together we reunite with nature with experiences the reignite the senses and reestablish deep connection with the Earth. 

We see this work as an evolving process, from local community gatherings to worldwide projects. 


How to get involved

Our events serve two purposes.


One is to remember our most primal connection...to water. Water is the medium for all biological activity in the body, and scientific studies have shown that water also not only stores information but amplifies the vibration of those around it. That means when we pray next to the water, when we sing next to the ocean, we are shifting the story of the water (that water is polluted or scarce) and our prayers of gratitude are amplified and given back to us, giving our bodies more vitality and rejuvenation.

Our other purpose is to bring together healers, artists, activists and community leaders to share skills as well as gathering around a common purpose...to bring clean water to people across the globe.

You can get involved by participating in our events, or sharing the water teachings with others in your community.


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Feel free to reach out to us about our H2Flow retreat April 12-16.

Write us with an inquiries about how to support the water. 


We are Bay Area based and internationally connected. We want to come dance with you!